Tuesday, December 3, 2013


From the time I was a little boy, my mum always wore red lipstick and had her nails and toenails painted red. I thought this was just the most beautiful thing in the world. I always think of her when I see a tube in the store. The mystery of the red lipstick has subsided in this new age where everyone is wearing the infamous Ruby Woo lipstick by MAC, and the funny thing is, it seems to fit everyone! Red is classy, bold and so sophisticated, but it must be worn right to pull it off.

Ladies, follow these steps so people won’t tell you it isn’t your best colour. That will be embarrassing! Don’t wear red lipstick the wrong way by following my simple rules.

1. Know What Shade Is Right for You

Here’s the thing about choosing a good red lipstick: there are many color shades suited for various skin types. You’ll need to try on many before you find one that works for you. They come in a variety of shades, such as orange shades of red, pink shades of red, and even cool bluish-reds. A safe and general rule is that women with fair skin should lean toward true reds with no orangey tones, while medium-skinned women look best in pinkish or orangey reds. Dark-skinned women should go for darker shades and even sport purple and wine-colored shades of red. This may take some trial and error to find what works for you, so be patient! Finding a good lipstick shade can take years, but don’t just go for the infamous red light red and expect to pull it off the first time. With all the many shades out there, it might not hurt to go to a makeup counter and have a specialist make recommendations.

2. Bring Back The Lip liner

Many people think lip liner is outdated, but when it comes to red lipstick, it is your best friend! The great thing about using lip liner with red lipstick is that you won’t see it like you will when wearing other shades, if you make sure to match up the lip liner to your lipstick correctly. The point of using lip liner with red lipstick is so it locks the lipstick on your lips. There’s nothing worse than finding you had smudged red lipstick on the outside of your mouth after a date! Or, worse, finding it above or below your lips. We don’t want you looking like Bozo the Clown, sweetie!

 3. Choose Your Outfit Accordingly

When choosing to wear red lipstick, you’ll have to base the entire rest of your outfit around it. Red is bold, striking, and can be brilliant if worn the right way. Yet, when it isn’t, it can be tacky, trashy and tragic! We want you to look your best, so wear red lipstick with a complementary outfit. Red looks great with solid black, such as little black dresses or a suit, and it also looks great with most evening gowns, and jeans with a leather bomber jacket for a more fashionable twist. It also pairs well with simple ballet flats, a brown or black outfit, and with a leopard accent such as a scarf. Just don’t overdo animal print with red lipstick; that’s a big no-no! Also, if you’re wearing sweats, leave the red lipstick at home and put on a gloss to keep things simple.

4. Don’t Let It Migrate to Your Teeth

Red lipstick is so bright and noticeable, that you can bet if it gets on your teeth, people will notice you, though not in the way you were hoping. To prevent this, be sure to blot your lips, and try an old trick well known to women everywhere. Insert a clean finger into your mouth, close your lips around it, then pull the finger out. You’ll get rid of the excess lipstick found on the inside of your lips this way. Just be sure to wash your hands after.

5. Make Sure Your Teeth Are Pretty And White

It can’t hurt to whiten your teeth regularly if you’re wearing red lipstick. Red lipstick does not look good on yellow-stained teeth from coffee, tea, or other dark beverages or tobacco. Ever seen a flashy white smile with red lipstick? It’s gorgeously bold and alluring, while also still looking clean and ladylike. If you’re going to wear red, wear it right and keep your teeth white!

6. Put Away The Pink

Whatever you do, don’t wear anything pink with red lipstick. This is a huge fashion no-no, and a red lipstick nightmare. This is a terrible clash of colors and will take away from the simple bold effects red can offer and seem overstated and nasty instead.

7. Tone The Rest down

When wearing red lipstick, be sure to tone the rest of your makeup down by using subtler, skin-friendly shades. For example, red lipstick pairs well with light brown eyeshadows better than dark black eyeshadows, or purples. Don’t wear rosy red blush with red lipstick, but go with a softer blush shade. Also be sure to get a clean, pressed powder to keep your skin looking soft and polished. Make sure you don’t overstate your eyeliner and embrace a good mascara!

If you wear red lipstick, let me hear from you, your experience.

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